Marshall Uncapher

Uncapher had been a school teacher and principal, before taking up sales.  He was born in Kansas and lived there until moving to Marietta, Georgia in January of  1975.  He was Kansas State Committee Chairman, succeeding Rolland Fisher in the late 1960s.  He was active in the Nazarene Church.  He died during the summer of 1994.
     Earl Dodge tells a story about his campaign for Governor of Kansas:   It seems that there was a panic over salmonella bacteria carried by pet turtles, and the state Department of Health banned the sale of pet turtles.  Upon learning of this, Uncapher wired the Department that they should immediately ban the sale of alcoholic beverages, because alcoholic drinks were spreading all sorts of diseases.  The news media ate up the story, publishing pictures of booze bottles and turtles side-by-side.
     Marshall Uncapher moved to Georgia in January of 1975.

Marshall E. Uncapher, 65, formerly of Connersville, died Friday, June 10, in Cobb County, Georgia.
     He was born July 23, 1928, in Greenwood County, near Madison, Kansas, to Daniel and Willia Ellen Patteson Uncapher and was a graduate of Connersville High School.  He attended Frankfort Bible College and God's Bible School in Cincinnati, and graduated from college in McPherson, Kansas.
     He was a member of the Indiana National Guard and had been a teacher, principal and a sales representative for the Hartman Company of Hutchinson, Kansas.  He was a candidate for vice president on the Prohibition Party in 1972.  He wrote prose and poetry, edited the weekly church paper and researched the family genea logy.  he was a member of the Smyrna (Georgia) Church of the Nazarene.

                    -- Obituary from the Richmond, Indiana Palladium-Item, 13 July 1994, p.A4