1980 Prohibition Party Platform

  We, the representatives of the National Statesman Party (sic), assembled in National Convention at Birmingham, Alabama, June 18-19, 1979, recognizing Almighty God as the Source of all just government and with faith in the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ, promise that, if our party is chosen to administer the affairs of our nation, we will, with earnest dedication to the principles of righteousness, seek to serve the needs and to preserve the rights, the prerogatives, and the basic freedoms of the people of the United States of America. For the realization of these ends, we propose the following program of government:

Constitutional Government

  We affirm our loyalty to the Constitution of the United States of America. We will resist all attempts to violate it by legislation, by means of evasion or through judicial interpretation. We support our system of representative government with this plan of checks and balances. We support Constitutional means to end the present situation in which the judicial branch is usurping legislative and executive authority.

Communism - Totalitarianism

  Communism seeks to overthrow our present form of government by means of subversion and violence. We oppose Communism and all other totalitarian economic and political systems.

Governmental Economy and Taxation

  America today faces mounting unemployment, runaway inflation and a tax system which takes about 45% of our earnings to operate our government. Unwise fiscal policies of our government are the chief cause of our economic plight.
  We favor a return to the gold standard to halt the dangerous erosion of the value of the American dollar. We also favor amending the Constitution to provide that, except in case of a war declared by Congress, there shall be:

  1. A balanced budget.
  2. A limit on the taxing and spending powers of Congress.
  3. The sale of all government-owned businesses competing with tax-paying enterprises.
  4. A systematic reduction of the national debt.

Foreign Affairs

  We favor a foreign policy whose chief objectives are the preservation of American liberty and independence and the promotion of justice and freedom throughout the world. We believe foreign aid should usually be in the form of loans at commercial rates of interest and should be extended only to those nations who are friendly to the United States and share our devotion to freedom. We condemn the give-away of the Panama Canal and the sellout of Nationalist China, both actions being in contradiction to treaty commitments.

A Free Economy

  We believe free enterprise is threatened by: (1) Excessive government regulation, (2) growth of public or private monopoly, and (3) unethical practices of both management and labor. We will act to prevent both monopoly and excessive regulation and to protect the consuming public from irresponsible or deceptive business practices.

Labor and Management

  Management and labor must be held accountable for their economic behavior. Neither must dominate at the expense of the other or of the common good. Anti-trust laws must be applied to both business and labor. We will end governmental discrimination in favor of union members in the awarding of contracts. We will vigorously enforce laws against strikes by federal employees.
  A person's right to work for an employer willing to hire him and his right to join or not to join a labor union without affecting his employment must be protected. Governmental interference in collective bargaining and violence or coercion by either management or labor must be prohibited.

States Rights

  Our Founding Fathers stressed both individual and states rights by adopting the Bill of Rights. For many years the Federal Government has been usurping many of the states' Constitutional Rights. The states which created the Federal Government are now often dominated by their creature. We will take whatever action is needed to preserve and, where necessary restore, states' Constitutional Rights. We reject 'regional government' or un-elected layers of government between the states and the federal government and between the states and county and local governmental units. Un-elected governments are unresponsive to the will of the electorate.

Individual Rights

  All Americans, regardless of race, sex, religion or national origin are guaranteed equality of treatment before the law by our Constitution. We condemn violent, anarchistic behavior or arbitrary pressure tactics as means of resolving differences among our citizens. We oppose all discriminatory measures such as quotas in employment, education and housing whether such discrimination is directed against a minority or the majority.
  As the first American political party to support equal rights for women we oppose the so-called Equal Rights Amendment. E.R.A. would grant women no new rights and would strip them of many protections they now enjoy, such as exemption from fighting in the armed forces in time of war. We deplore the violation of our Constitution by a majority of the Democrats and Republicans in Congress in unfairly granting an extension of time for the advocates of E.R.A. to try to secure passage of this mis-named proposed amendment.

Public Morality

  We deplore the low level of morality culminating in recent shocking revelations of crime and of political and economic corruption. We will strengthen and enforce laws against gambling, narcotics and commercialized vice and seek to provide the moral leadership so sadly lacking in both the Democrat and Republican parties today. We oppose the promotion of un-natural life styles.


  The God-given Right to Life is being denied by governmental action which permits the massive destruction of unborn infants. Most who support this morally indefensible crime of abortion also advocate euthanasia (so-called mercy killing) for many of our handicapped and senior citizens. We favor a Constitutional Amendment to protect all human life from the moment of conception until the time of natural death. Our courts and legislatures have proven they cannot be trusted to protect the gift of Life. Only by enshrining this principle in our Constitution can we avoid a continuing American holocaust.

Military Preparedness

  Since eternal vigilance is the price of liberty we favor a sound program of military preparedness. We pray for peace but we cannot ignore potential threats to our nation. We still strongly support a peacetime voluntary armed force which was first advocated by our party.

National Sovereignty

  We believe in national sovereignty and oppose full or partial surrender of this sovereignty to any international organization.


  Our party has pioneered in social reform and favors assistance to the handicapped, the aged, the chronically ill and families without a breadwinner. However, action must be taken to remove the undeserving now on our welfare rolls and to encourage more recipients to become self-supporting. Unless the crushing tax burden is eased soon a taxpayers revolt may doom the whole welfare program.
  We oppose a guaranteed annual income as a plan which would further swell the welfare ranks and stifle initiative. We will end the government program which encourages immorality by dispensing birth-control devices to minors without parental consent or knowledge.

Marriage and Divorce

  Ordained of God, the family is a sacred institution and the basic unit on which our society is built. To protect and perserve that institution we favor: (1) More stringent uniform marriage and divorce laws; (2) An end to all present tax structures which discriminate against married people, and (3); A deliberate governmental policy which disallows any legal benefits of marriage to persons living together in an unmarried state. We oppose any laws or governmental regulations which conflict with traditional parental authority and cohesion of the family unit.

Church and State

  We support the separation of Church and State. We favor tax exemptions for non-profit religious institutions, including church publishing houses and religious schools. We favor taxation of all income received by any tax exempt group from business operations which compete with tax-paying businesses. We oppose the appropriation of tax money for private religious or sectarian purposes.
  We deplore the effort to re-interpret the principle of Separation of Church and State into a belief in a militantly secular state. The same Founding Fathers who set forth this principle showed by word and deed that they did NOT mean separation of God and Biblical principles from the operation of government. We share their conviction that the Bible is a volume of universal appeal and application which is woven into our history, our laws and our culture. We favor Constitutional action to restore our traditional rights to have Bible reading and voluntary prayer in all public institutions including our schools.

Religious Liberty

  We believe in the freedom of the individual to believe, fellowship, worship, evangelize, educate and establish educational institutions in accordance with his beliefs. Christian schools, broadcasters and other religious groups and individuals have suffered religious discrimination at the hands of the Internal Revenue Service, the Federal Communications Commission and other federal, state and local agencies and officials. We pledge to end this activity and to safeguard the precious right of religious liberty.

Ballot Law Reform

  In most states Republicans and Democrats have enacted laws which deny other political parties fair access to the ballot. We will pass laws to end this un-Constitutional two-party monopoly and restore to all legitimate political parties and to Independents their Constutional Rights. Ballot status should not be accorded any person or group which advocates the violent overthrow of our government.


  Under the Tenth Amendment, public education is clearly under the Jurisidiction of the states and the people. We will end all direct federal aid to and control over education. We protest the efforts of I.R.S. and other state and federal officials to interfere with the operation of private Christian schools. These privately financed institutions are not and should not be subject to governmental interference. Their tax-free status is a matter of right under our law and not a gift which can be removed by arbitrary governmental action.

Social Security

  The present Social Security system is discriminatory, actuarially unsound and destructive of individual initiative. We will reform the system by: (1) Allowing workers the option of enrolling in private insurance and retirement plans in lieu of Social Security, and (2) Placing the system of taxes and payments on a sound actuarial basis which is fair to payers and to recipients.


  Those engaged in agricultural pursuits should be free from authoritarian control and coercion by the government. Consumers should not pay artificially contrived higher food prices. We therefore propose a return to the free market and the elimination of all governmental controls and subsidies.

Public Health and Our Environment

  We favor legal bans against harmful drugs such as marijuana, L.S.D., heroin, cocaine etc. Since tobacco is the prime cause of lung cancer and many other health problems we oppose promotional advertising and governmental subsidies for tobacco products. We favor laws by the state and federal governments to protect the right of non-smokers to breathe air which is uncontaminated by poisonous tobacco smoke.
  We will protect citizens against unjust incarceration in mental institutions and compulsory participation in those programs of mass medication which violate individual rights. We oppose socialized medicine and federal interference in the operation of hospitals, nursing homes and other health care facilities.

Mis-use of Fire-Arms

  We favor the imposition of long-term prison sentences for those convicted of using fire-arms in the commission of a crime.

Illegal Immigration

  Massive illegal immigration, tolerated by both Republican and Democrat parties and our federal government, is causing severe economic, political and social problems for our nation and her people. We favor strict enforcement of present immigration laws and the prompt deportation of all illegal aliens now residing in the United States. Repeat offenders should be given non-parolable jail sentences to deter future illegal entry.

The Alcohol Problem

  Beverage alcohol is the chief cause of poverty, broken homes, juvenile delinquency, vice, crime, political corruption, wasted manpower and highway accidents in America. By very conservative estimates some 24,000,000 Americans are now alcoholics or problem drinkers. The liquor traffic admits that bootlegging is today a big business estimated by that traffic to be producing one-third of all alcoholic beverages consumed in America today. An estimated 500,000 Americans die yearly because of highway deaths, homicides and health problems which can be traced directly to beverage alcohol. Included in this estimate are the many who die prematurely because alcohol has damaged or destroyed vital organs such as the liver.
  The liquor traffic is linked with and supports a nationwide network of gambling, vice and crime. It also dominates the Republican and Democrat parties and much of the governmental life of our nation. We therefore favor the prohibition of the manufacture, distribution and sale of all alcoholic beverages.
  Our party alone offers a program of publicity, education, legislation and administration leading to the elimination of the liquor traffic. We hold that if it is right and logical to ban the production, distribution and sale of heroin which has killed thousands, it is even more needful to do so with beverage alcohol which has claimed millions of American lives.


  Voters concerned about the wide-spread corruption and erosion of our freedoms and the low level of morality in government should cease supporting the two political parties which created these problems. Our party, with a clean record of over one hundred and ten years of service to America, invites the support of all citizens who believe in our program of good government.