1912 Prohibition Party Platform

 The Prohibition Party in National Convention at Atlantic City, N.J., July 10, 1912, recognizing God as the source of all governmental authority, makes the following declarations of principles and policies:

 1. The alcoholic drink traffic is wrong; is the most serious drain on the wealth and resources of the nation; is detrimental to the general welfare and destructive of the inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. All laws taxing or licensing a traffic which produces crime, poverty and political corruption, and spreads disease and death should be repealed. To destroy such a traffic there must be elected to power a political party which will administer the government from the standpoint that the alcoholic drink traffic is a crime and not a business, and we pledge that the maufacture, importation, exportation, transportion and sale of alcoholic beverages shall be prohibited.

 We favor:

 2. Suffrage for women on the same terms as for men.

 3. A uniform marriage and divorce law. The extermination of polygamy. And the complete supression of the traffic in girls.

 4. Absolute protection of the rights of labor, without impairment of the rights of capital.

 5. The settlement of all international disputes by arbitration.

 6. The abolition of child labor in mines, workshops and factories, with the rigid enforcement of the laws now flagrantly violated.

 7. The election of United States Senators by direct vote of the people.

 8. A presidential term of six years, and one term only.

 9. Court reviews of Post Office and other departmental decisions and orders; the extension of the Postal Savings Bank system, and of Rural Delivery, and the establishment of an efficient parcels post.

10. The initiative, referendum, and recall.

11. As the tariff is a commercial question it should be fixed on the scientific basis of accurate knowledge, secured by means of a permanent, omni-partisan tariff commission, with ample powers.

12. Equitable graduated income and inheritance taxes.

13. Conservation of our forest and mineral reserves, and the reclamation of waste lands. All mineral and timber lands, and water powers, now owned by the government, should be held perpetually and leased for revenue purposes.

14. Clearly defined laws for the regulation and control of corporations transacting an inter-State business.

15. Efficiency and economy in governmental administration.

16. The protection of one day in seven as a day of rest.

 To these fundamental principles, the National Prohibition Party renews its long allegiance, and on these issues invites the co-operation of all good citizens, to the end that the true object of government may be attained, namely, equal and exact justice for all.