Waldo E. Yeater

Waldo Yeater was born 30 May 1885 and became active in the Indiana Prohibition Party in 1942, building it back until it regained the ballot in 1968.  He founded the Farmers Exchange magazine in November, 1929. Yeater was editor of the Indiana committee’s Hoosier Challenge in the latter part of the 20th Century.  He published a book on his family’s genealogy.   Yeater died on 6 July 1989, aged 104.
      A newspaperman, he lived in Goshen, Indiana and managed the Indiana Prohibition Party’s office there.  He was dismayed by “old people with old ideas who hold the Party down” and emphasized recruiting young people.  He described our Party as “progressive/conservative,” noting the similarities between (independent) George Wallace’s platform in 1968 and the 1968 Prohibition platform.

  • Data from Earl Dodge, from the Goshen (Indiana) News on 28 August 1968, and from the Social Security Administration “Death Index.”