Samuel B. Shapleigh

Samuel B. Shapleigh, formerly well known in the Boston coffee trade and head of the Shapleigh Coffee Company, died at his home in Allston last Saturday [14 August, 1915], aged 71 years.  Mr. Shapleigh was ill only a few hours.  It is supposed that Mr. Shapleigh, on account of his age, was unable to withstand the heat and humidity which had been so burdensome and caused so much suffering in Boston.
     Mr. Shapleigh for many years was a prominent factor in the Boston coffee roasting business.         He was prominent in Prohibition ranks of Massachusetts and was a candidate on the Prohibition ticket for several high offices.    

--  Anon (1915) -- Obituary:  Simmons Spice Mill, September, p.988.
(Located by Adam Seaman)