Ira Landrith

Ira Landrith was born in Teas in 1865.  Drawn at first to law, he studied in Trinity University, then obtained a law degree from Cumberland University.  Soon, though, he decided to enter the Presbyterian ministry. 
     Ordained in 1906, Landrith led the Tennessee YMCA, taught at Cumberland University, was President of Belmont University, and edited the Cumberland Presbyterian. 
     Landrith was an ardent Prohibitionist.  He founded the Tennessee Anti-Saloon League and was a member of the Prohibition Party “Flying Squadron” of lecturers, in addition to being our nominee for Vice President in 1916.
      Ira :Landrith died on 11 October 1941 in Altadena, California.

-- Gammon, ,2007, p.85