CL "Connie" Gammon
Presidential Candidate 2020

CL "Connie" Gammon was born in the small town of Lafayette, Tennessee in 1958. As a child, he lived there and in the metropolis of Detroit , Michigan . He attended public schools in Tennessee and Michigan . In addition, Gammon is an alumnus of Tennessee Technological University (where he studied Political Science), and Hillsdale College (where he studied history). Gammon also received several professional certificates.

Gammon enlisted into the United States Amy and served in the Signal Corps during the era of Operation Desert Storm. After the war, he left the Army and returned to Tennessee . He has earned a living in several ways, including: Radio Personality, Paralegal, Business Owner, Department Head for a major corporation, Security Manager, Professional Auditor, and Author. 

Gammon has had a life-long fascination with American political history and with the written word. These joint fascinations have led to his becoming the author of more than forty books. While he has written on several topics, the bulk of his work has been in the area of American political history. Several universities, including the State  University of New York and the University of Akron , have employed his books as course material. In addition, articles written by Gammon have appeared in more than a dozen national publications. 

Gammon has been involved in politics for many years -- mostly behind the scenes. However, he did make a strong run for the United States Senate in 2002.
Gammon has two adult children and three grandchildren. Currently, the Prohibition Party nominee for President lives in Lafayette , Tennessee with his wife Kimberly.