Belden C. Hoyt

     (Michigan Statesman, March 1944, p.3) -- Mr. B.C. Hoyt, Nashville, Michigan again deserves mention.  He is 86 and has some difficulty in hearing.  He does not drive a car, yet within a year and a half, working about nine months of that time, he has raised over $1,200 in cash, besides paying all expenses, and taken over $1,300 in pledges for the Prohibition work.  This has been almost entirely by personal solicitation.  Just a few times there has been a church collection.  He has received money or pledges from 963 different people and has contacted almost as many more whose names and addresses he has taken.  He also has a good list of those who have pledged to vote the Prohibition ticket.  He has made addresses, one has been printed, and he has organized 13 counties.
     Mr. Hoyt is resting this winter, but expects to start out again as soon as the spring flowers appear.  May he have continued strength.