Lois Krandell
Lois Marie (Gilbert) Krandell

     Lois Marie (Gilbert) Krandell was a life-long, stalwart Prohibitionist.  Born 24 March 1917 in Chicago, Illinois, the daughter of Lewis and Marie Gilbert, she married electrical engineer Frank J. Krandell in 1936 and  since 1947 made her home in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  They were college friends. They had two children, Lowell (born in 1937) and Fran (born in 1946).  Her husband died in April of 1996.    Mrs. Krandell died on 30 December 2005, at her home in Fort Wayne.
     Mrs. Krandell's parents were very musical.  They sang in the Apollo Club and played in their church orchestra; Lewis Gilbert also sang with the Northwestern University Choir.  Daughter Lois earned a BA in Liberal Arts from the University of Illinois.  She sang,  was a pianist, and played violin with the University String Quartet. 
     She was a noted orator, often speaking without notes for an hour or more. She also was active in PTA, scouting, the League of Women Voters, and her church.  She was an avid reader, keeping up-to-date on many social and political issues.  She was always writing to her congressman, and she had a letter-writing ministry.  She liked to crochet and embroider and was especially fond of making hooked rugs.
     Krandell was active in the Woman's Christian Temperance Union, as well as in the Prohibition Party, and she was an active Methodist laywoman. 
     Although never elected to any public office, Lois Krandell carried our battle flag into many actions.  In 1952, she ran for Reporter of the State Supreme Court (13,052 votes / 0.68%), in 1954 for Clerk (10,937 / 0.69), in 1956 for Reporter (6728 / 0.35), in 1958 for Clerk (12,784 / 0.75) . in 1960 for Clerk (5680 / 0.27), and in 1964 for Reporter (5354 / 0.26).
     The accompanying photographs were selected by her daughter, Fran Williams; one is her publicity photograph for speaking engagements, the other was taken a year before her death.  The election data is from Richard Winger.