1992 Prohibition Party Platform


  We, the representatives of the Prohibition Party, assembled in National Convention in Minneapolis, Minnesota, June 25 - 26, 1991, recognizing Almighty God as the Source of all just government and with faith in the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ, promise that, if our party is chosen to administer the affairs of our nation, we will seek to serve the needs and to preserve the prerogatives and the freedoms of the citizens of the United States of America.

Constitutional Government

  We affirm our loyalty to the Constitution of the United States of America. We will protect it from violation by legislation, by evasion or through judicial usurpation of those rights belonging (sic) the executive and legislative branches of government, to the states and to the people.

Foreign Affairs

  We will conduct foreign affairs with the preservation of American Liberty and Independence as our chief objective. Foreign aid should usually be in the form of loans at commercial rates of interest and given only to nations which share our devotion to freedom. We favor free trade on a truly reciprocal basis. We rejoice that many nations have won their freedom from Communism and other totalitarian systems. We urge our government and other free nations to help others who are seeking the same freedom from oppression.

Taxation and Spending.

  Americans have some forty percent of their earnings taken away in taxes. Skyrocketing deficits threaten the financial solvency of the federal government. We are mortgaging our children's and grandchildren's future to pay for todays (sic) oondoggles and unconstitutional programs. We favor a return to the gold standard to halt the dangerous erosion of the American dollar. We will amend the Constitution to require: 1. a balanced budget, 2. a limit on the taxing powers of Congress, 3. the sale of all government-owned businesses which compete with tax-paying enterprises and 4. the systematic reduction of the national debt.

A Free Economy

  We will protect the free enterprise system by preventing both monoply and excessive government regulation. We will seek to protect the consuming public from irresponsible and deceptive business practices.

Monetary Policy

  The Constitution provides that Congress shall have the power to coin money and regulate its value. Therefore we call upon Congress to terminate the Federal Reserve System and withdraw the United States from the World Bank.

Labor and Management

  Anti-trust laws must be applied to both business and labor. We will end governmental discrimination in favor of unions in the awarding of contracts. We will vigorously enforce laws against strikes by federal employees and local and state police and fire fighting personnel. We will protect the right of any person to work for an employer willing to hire him and his freedom to join or not to join a union. Governmental interference in collective bargaining and violence by either management or labor must be prohibited.

States' Rights

  The Federal Government has usurped many of the states' Constitutional rights. We will take action to preserve and, where necessary, restore the states' Constitutional rights. We reject regional government as unconstitutional and unresponsive to the will of the electorate.

Individual Rights

  We support the equality of treatment of all American citizens before the law. We call on Congress to take action to end all discriminatory quotas in employment, education, and housing. Congressional districts and other political subdivisions should be apportioned without reference to the race or religion of the citizenry.


  The God-given Right to Life mentioned in our Declaration of Independence is being violated as more than 1,500,000 Americans are killed each year by abortion, infanticide and euthanasia We urge enactment of a Human Life Amendment to protect all innocent human life from the moment of conception until the time of natural death.

Military Preparedness

  We pray for peace and will do all we can to preserve peace. We favor a sound program of military preparedness based upon well-paid, highly motivated, peacetime, volunteer armed forces. We also favor the immediate implementation of a space-based anti-,ballistic (sic) missile defense system.

National Sovereignty

  We believe in national sovereignty and oppose full or partial surrender of this sovereignty to any international program.


  Our party favors assistance to the handicapped, the aged, the chronically ill, and families without a breadwinner. However, action must be taken to remove the undeserving now on our welfare rolls and to encourage more recipients to become self-supporting. Public works projects and job training programs are two possible means of achieving this goal.

The Family

  To protect and preserve marriage, an institution ordained by God, we favor: 1. more stringent uniform marriage and divorce laws; 2. an end to all present tax structures which discriminate against married people; 3. disallowance of any legal benefits of marriage to persons living together in an unmarried state.


  Under the Tenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, education is clearly a state and local matter. Federal financial support leads to federal intervention and control. We encourage states and individual school districts to regain control of the schools, thus allowing local standards of morality and academia (sic) proficiency to be re-established. We urge local school districts to set high academic standards.

Church and State

  Our founding fathers, who set forth the principle of the Separation of Church and State, showed by word and deed that they did NOT favor the separation of God and Biblical principles from the operation of Government. We favor tax-exemption for all non-profit religious institutions including parsonages, church publishing houses, and religious schools. We oppose the appropriation of tax money for private, religious or sectarian purposes. We favor the restoration of our traditional rights to enjoy Bible reading, voluntary prayer and voluntary participation in Christian traditions in all public institutions, including our schools. We support repeal of the Social Security tax imposed on religious institutions in 1983. This tax set a dangerous precedent which can and will be used to further tax and weaken our churches.

Religious Liberty

  We believe in the right of the individual to believe, fellowship, worship, evangelize, educate and establish religious institutions in accordance with his beliefs. Christian schools, religious broadcasters and other religious groups and individuals have suffered discrimination at the hands of the Internal Revenue service (sic), the Federal Commun-  ications (sic) Commission, the U.S. Supreme Court, and various federal, state and local agencies and officials. We pledge to safeguard the precious right of religious liberty.

Public Morality

  We will strength (sic) and enforce laws against gambling, narcotics, pornography, and commercialized vice and seek to provide the moral leadership so sadly lacking in both the Democratic and Republican parties. We oppose the promotion of unnatural lifestyles. We oppose state lotteries and other publicly suported forms of gambling because they encourage the vice of gambling under the guise of 'helping the environment,' 'supporting the schools' etc.

Ballot Law Reform

  Republicans and Democrats have enacted laws which deny other political parties and independents fair access to the ballot. We will end this unconstitutional two-party monopoly and restore to all legitimate parties and to independents their Constitutional rights.

Social Security

  The present Social Security system is discriminatory, actuarially unsound and destructive of individual initiative. We will reform the sytem and will: 1. allow workers the option of enrolling in private retirement plans in lieu of paying Social Security taxes, 2. place the system on a sound actuarial basis and 3. restore Social Security to its original purpose by placing the Medicare and Medicaid programs in a separate system.


  We propose a return to the free market and the orderly elimination of all governmental production controls and subsidies. This will free farmers from government coercion and spare consumers from paying artificially higher food prices.

Public Health

  We favor continued prohibition of such harmful drugs as heroin, LSD, cocaine and marijuana. We oppose promotional advertising and governmental subsidies for tobacco productcs, which now kill over 350,000 Americans yearly. We urge state legislatures to ban the sale of candy containing beverage alcohol. We will protect citizens from unjust incarceration in mental institutions. We oppose socialized medicine and federal interference in the operation of hospitals, nursing homes and other care facilities. We favor government action to facilitate medical answers to the AIDS plague. We also call upon our government to combat the immoral sexual conduct and illegal drug usage responsible for most American AIDS cases.

The Environment

  Each American citizen should do all within his or her power to protect our environment. Goverment, especially at the state and local levels, should act vigorously to protect the air and water we all share. Since God has given man dominion over the earth, we reject extremists views which assign equal value to people and the animal and vegetable kingdoms. Programs to improve the environment must be carefully drafted to avoid causing widespread unemployment and large increases in the price of food and other consumer necessitites.

Mis-use of Firearms

  We favor imposition of long-term prison sentences for those convicted of using firearms in the commission of a crime.

Illegal Immigration

  We will end the massive illegal immigration now tolerated by our government. We will provide for prison terms for repeat violators of our immigration laws. Illegal immigration can be stopped, and illegal immigrants can bedeported (sic), by a government with the will to protect our borders and our economic and social welfare.

The Alcohol Problem

  Beverage alcohol is the Number One Drug Problem, the chief cause of poverty, broken homes, juvenile delinquency, vice, crime, political corruption, wasted manpower and highway accidents in America. At least 36,000,000 Americans are now alcoholics, pre-alcoholics or problem drinkers. An estimated 400,000 Americans die yearly because of accidents, homicides, and health problems which can be traced directly to the use of alcoholic beverages. The liquor traffic is linked with, and supports a nationwide network of gambling, vice and crime. It also exercises a great measure of control over both the Democratic and Republican parties and much of the governmental life of our nation. Our party alone offers a program of publicity, education, legislation, and administration leading to the prohibition of the manufacture, distribution and sale of all alcoholic beverages.


  Voters concerned about the erosion of our freedoms and the low level of morality in government should cease supporting the two political parties which have done so little to deal with these vital issues. Our party, with a proud record of over 122 years of service to America, invites the support of all citizens who believe in a program of good government.