1956 Prohibition Party Platform


  We, the representatives of the Prohibition Party, assembled in National Convention at Camp Mack, Milford, Indiana, September 4, 5, and 6, 1955, recognizing Almighty God as the source of all just government and with faith in the teachings of the Prince of Peace, do solemnly promise that, if our party is chosen to administer the affairs of the nation, we will carefully use all the powers of our administration to preserve the rights, privileges and basic freedoms of the people of the United States.

Constitutional Government

  We solemnly affirm our loyalty to the Constitution of the United States, to the principles of liberty enunciated in our Declaration of Independence and in the Preamble and Bill of Rights of our Constitution, our deep confidence in our form of government, and our earnest desire to serve our people with a constructive program based upon the principles of righteousness and democracy.

  We are unalterably opposed to any form of totalitarianism. We challenge all loyal citizens to work against this menace to civilization. We believe that the best safeguard against these dangerous doctrines is to preserve the rights of our citizens by enforcing the provisions of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

  We deplore the actions of any administration in exceeding its authority, through executive agreements, thereby violating the Constitutional prerogatives of our legislative bodies.

World Peace

  We, in this age of atomic and hydrogen bombs (capable of destroying civilization) pledge ourselves to search for peaceful solutions of international conflicts, under an international 'good neighbor' policy, call for an immediate outlawing of all weapons of annihilation, propose a progressive multi-lateral limitation of armaments and their ultimate abolition, leading to world peace and the brotherhood of man.


  We are opposed to the militarization of our youth, through universal military training, universal conscription, or universal reserve service.

Economic Aid

  Our government should give much greater emphasis to relief, rehabilitation and economic aid, especially for technical assistance, to help the people raise their own standard of living in the underdeveloped areas where widespread hunger and human misery now prepare the soil for communist propaganda.

Economy of Abundance

  We pledge ourselves as opposed to the continuation of the wastage of God-given abundance, created through science, technology and the genius and labors of our people, and declare our purpose to search for means to distribute justly such abundance, as provided under our Constitution, 'to promote the general welfare.'

Governmental Economy

  Extravagant spending has set an example of wasteful government operations. We believe it is unjust for any government to take nearly one-third of the total income of its citizens to pay the expense of government. We believe that government ought not to do for our people what they can do for themselves. We promise to re-organize the federal government, abolishing all departments and bureaus that cannot qualify when measured by this principle.


  The constant increase in taxation is approaching the point of confiscation and economic bankruptcy. With proper economy, governmental costs will be lowered, making it possible to reduce the public debt and lighten the tax load for the average citizen.

Economic Freedom

  We oppose any trend toward excessive concentration of power over our economic life, whether it takes the form of unnecessary regulation by government or monopolistic control by private industry.


  Co-operatives and profit-sharing enterprises are a natural outgrowth of democracy. Government under our administration will encourage such enterprises.

Labor and Industry

  Labor organizations are entitled to great credit for improving the status of the workers and for their constructive contributions to the general welfare. It is our purpose to give the public welfare paramount consideration. Neither capital nor labor can be permitted to dominate at the expense of the other or of the common good. We favor the compulsory arbitration of labor disputes where the public welfare is endangered.


  We vehemently protest against the immoral policy of creating artificial scarcity by wasting or destroying farm products amid widespread hunger and want. We believe that this policy can and should be replaced by a plan which will assure every working farmer and his family an adequate income while maintaining abundant production and making it available to meet the world's needs.

Social Security and Old Age Pensions

  We endorse the principle of social security, old age pensions, and unemployment compensation, including all employed groups. We deplore the abuse of its privileges, the maladministration of its provisions for political ends, and pledge ourselves to correct these evils. We propose to administer these programs in such a way as to preserve the incentives of initiative and thrift.


  The Constitution provides that Congress shall have the power to 'coin money' and 'regulate the value thereof.' This is a sound and feasible monetary policy which we promise to re-establish and enforce.

Religious Liberty

  We belive in religious liberty. By religious liberty we mean the freedom of individual worship and fellowship, and the right to evangelize, educate and establish religious institutions. When religious liberty is lost political liberty perishes with it.

Separation of Church and State

  We reaffirm our loyalty to the Constitutional principle of separation of Church and State, and will expose, and resist vigorously, any attempt from whatever source to weaken or subvert this fundamental principle.

Public Morality and Law Enforcement

  Moral and spiritual considerations must be primary factors in determining national policies. We will strengthen and enforce laws against gambling, narcotics, and commercialized vice, now so widely violated and nullified by the political parties in power, and thus prevent further disintegration of the public morals.

  We oppose the present nullification of laws by non-enforcement and will maintain the integrity of democracy by enforcing the Constitution and the laws enacted under it.

Honesty in Government

  There is a law of cause and effect which rules in the affairs of men. With the repeal of the Eighteenth Amendment there has come a rapid decline in the moral standards of the nation, culminating in shocking revelations of crime and political corruption. We pledge ourselves to break this unholy alliance between organized crime and those in positions of trust in the government at all levels.

No Racial Discrimination

  Recognizing that 'God hath created of one blood all nations to dwell upon the face of the earth,' we declare in favor of full justice and equal opportunity for all people, regardless of race, creed, or national origin.

Marriage and Divorce

  We favor the enactment of uniform marriage and divorce laws as a help toward maintaining the sanctity of the home.

Ballot Law Reform

  We demand the repeal of the many state ballot laws which have been enacted to make the two-party system a bipartisan political monopoly by keeping minor parties off the ballot, thus denying to independent voters and minority groups the fundamental right of free political expression.

Extension of Democracy

  To help perfect our political democracy and extend it to all who live under our flag we urge;

(1) The submission to the people of an amendment to the Constitution to provide for the election of the President and Vice-President directly by the people;

(2) Immediate home rule and the franchise and representation in Congress for the District of Columbia;

(3) Immediate statehood for Alaska and Hawaii;

(4) Encouraging Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Guam and Samoa to advance as rapdily as possible to complete internal self-government;

(5) We recognize the right of all Indians to full citizenship.

The Alcohol Problem

  The widespread and increasing use of alcoholic beverages since Repeal is one of the major causes of accidents, insanity, wasted manpower, poverty, broken homes, juvenile delinquency, vice, crime, and political corruption.

  The highly capitalized, strongly organized and socially irresponsible liquor industry out of its enormous profits, expends huge sums in promoting liquor sales by every possible means, to create a growing habitual use by youth and adults.

  Both through its financial and organization connections and through the effects of its product in weakening moral resistance, the liquor power is linked with, and supports, a nation-wide network of organized gambling, vice and crime. This power dominates our politics and government. Through its advertizing it has corrupted large sections of the nation's press, and it is increasingly extending its control to radio and television.

  All these social effects of the liquor industry make the beverage alcohol problem one which concerns the whole nation, and requires immediate action looking toward a solution.

  Our program includes removing the cause for drinking by:

(1) Raising the economic standards of the country as outlined in this platform;

(2) Increasing psychiatric aid to treat alcoholics and help others in need of counselling;

(3) Developing community recreational programs to provide a wholesome alternative to the tavern;

(4) Publicizing scientific facts about beverage alcohol through the press, motion pictures, radio, television, the public schools and other media; and

(5) A program of publicity, education, legislation and administration leading to the elimination of the alcoholic beverage industry.

  The Prohibition Party demands the repeal of all laws that legalize the liquor traffic and the enqactment and enforcement of new laws which prohibit the manufacture, distribution and sale of alcoholic beverages.

  An administration pledged to the above program is essential for effective steps toward solving this important problem.


  What is needed is a re-alignment of voters and the union of good citizens in a party which will support only candidates of unquestioned integrity and competence, who will faithfully serve the commonwealth and set a good example of public and private morality, and who are committed to the principles of this platform.