1940 Prohibition Party Platform

We, the representatives of the National Prohibition Party, in convention assembled at Chicago, May 9, 1940, recognizing Almighty God as the source of all good government, make the following declaration of principles and purposes:

Moral Issues

We realize the permanent progress does not come merely by prohibiting certain things, but that prohibition of that which is evil must go hand in hand with the promotion of that which is good. Since all evils which are undermining character stand in the way of such promotion they should be prohibited. Among these evils we name specifically the liquor traffic, harmful narcotics, commercialized gambling, indecent publications, debasing moving pictures and the block booking thereof, deceptive radio broadcasting, political graft, and injustices of all kinds. We commend the work of those combating these and other evils.

Economic and Other Issues

We are vitally interested in, and pledge ourselves to enact measures for the purpose of purifying government, reducing debt and taxation, conserving natural resources both human and material, aiding farmers who occupy and till the soil, encouraging employers engaged in honest and useful business, assuring workers and consumers a fair share of industry's profits and products, prevent unfit persons or unfair goods entering this country, but applying to all nations equitable immigration and tariff policies, avoiding war by maintaining friendly relations and providing adequate defense, providing proper aid to the worthy youth and aged, and of securing tolerance to all, while insisting that governmental changes be made only in accordance with existing consititutional methods.

Need of Spiritual Awakening

We believe that to accomplish these and other worthy ends there must be a change in the purposes, motives and lives of our people. Such a spiritual awakening requires both encouraging churches and freeing schools and other forces of education from politics. The development of character integrity, industry, self-control, initiative, a desire to be of service and a willingness to make sacrifices must be the first aim of parents and teachers. Such a change in the hearts of employers, wage workers and consumers would so develop confidence as to restore real estate values, eliminate unemployment, and assure equal opportunities to all. We therefore, especially pledge ourselves to better and more useful public schools, and the teaching therein of fundamental moral precepts.

A Coalition Party

While both of the major political parties are performing useful service in emphasizing different needs, entangling alliances with corrupt interests, necessary to their success, make it impossible for these parties to take a definite stand on moral issues, even though these issues today are fundamental in solving our nation's problems. Therefore, there must be a union of church people and others who stand first for righteousness, into a Third Party. The NEW Prohibition Party serves such a purpose.


We, the members of this Party, are the one political group which has learned from sad experience that legislation alone whether Old Deal or New Deal is insufficient. We know that the solution of all problems from liquor to unemployment depends upon character, and the election to power of a political party committed to these principles. To this end we invite the co-operation and the votes of like minded men and women.