Virgil C. Finnel photo

Virgil C. Finnel

     It appears that Finnell was never a candidate for any office.  However, he was an important member of the national Party leadership in the 1940s and '50s.  
    He owned the building in Winona Lake, Indiana which for several years served as Party headquarters.  Dodge referred to it as "800" Park Avenue, but city records show no such address.  A notice on p.2 of the March-April, 1957 issue of the National Prohibitionist states the address to be "900" Park Avenue; "Google View" (accessed 10 Feb 20) shows a substantial building at 900 Park Avenue.
     "National headquarters Now In Own Building  For ten years the building at 900 Park Avenue, Winona Lake, was owned by Virgil C. Finnell and rented to the National Committee most of that time.  Last June at the meeting of the National Committee he offered to sell the building to the Committee for much less than its present worth, as he could no longer afford to rent the office space at $35 per month.  It was found that the Prohibition trust Fund Association could and would supply the money for the down payment and the proper deed was executed so that the property is now held for the Committee by the Prohibition National Foundation, Inc.
     The building has ten rooms, a large enclosed front porch, two baths, and is heated by an oil furnace.  
     During the summer months it will be possible to rent rooms to tourists and thus provide an income that should pay the cost of utilities for the entire year."
     Finnell died on 10 June 1959, after having suffered a stroke 14 months earlier.  He was 78.