Toby Davis
(Vice-President, 2012)

    Toby Davis, the Prohibition convention’s choice for Vice-President in 2012, is pastor of
the Good Prospect Cumberland Presbyterian Church in trilla, Illinois. Rev. Davis is a native
of Huntsville, Alabama, having been born there in 1966. His wife, Janet, is from Minnesota.
Their family includes seven children, ranging in age from Rachel, a student at Lakeland
College in Mattoon, Illinois, to Rebekah, an infant.
    Rev. Davis is a graduate of Memphis Preparatory School. He holds a Bachelors degree
in History from Millsap College (1988), a Masters degree in religion from Memphis
Theological Seminary (1998), and a Masters of divinity degree from Memphis Theological
Seminary (2011). Before accepting a call to Good Prospect Church, he was pastor of
Barton First Southern Methodist Church in Memphis and was a school teacher.
    Rev. Davis is active his local community, a member of the Lions Club and of the Ministerial Alliance. He school-age children attend St. Johns Lutheran School in Mattoon.
    Rev. Davis has worked with the Prohibition P\arty since 2001. His enthusiasm, youthful
outlook, and willingness to serve have allowed him to rise rapidly through Party ranks. He
was elected Vice-Chairman of the Prohibition National Committee in 2006, then became
Chairman following the death of Gene Amondson later that year. He also serves as Treasurer of the Partisan Prohibition Historical Society.
    Rev. and Mrs. Davis have created an attractive, informative website for the Prohibition National Committee,