Theodore D. Kanouse

Theodore D. Kanouse, a Cottage Grove, Wisconsin resident, served as a musician in the 6th Wisconsin Infantry Regiment and in the 3rd Wisconsin Light Artillery Regiment during the Civil War.
     Initially enlisting as a musician with the 6th, the band was discharged in 1861 and he would rejoin in the 3rd Wisconsin Light Artillery Regiment in 1863. After Chickamauga, the 3rd was used for garrison duty.  Kanouse was transferred to the Veterans Reserve Corps in 1864, and mustered out in 1865.
     After the war, he resettled in California and was active in the temperance movement, running for Governor of California in 1902 on the Prohibition Party ticket and  Governor of Wisconsin in 1881.   He was South Dakota State Penitentiary Warden from 1889-1892.  He passed away in 1927.  

— Data located by Adam Seaman