Rev. Dr. Greg Seltzer

Rev. Dr. Greg Seltzer, a retired college professor and later a Presbyterian minister, was Chairman of the Prohibition National Committee in 2013-14.  He was born at Waynesboro, Pennsylvania in 1954 and afterward settled in Fallston, Maryland (a few miles north of Baltimore).
     Seltzer earned a BA in History from the University of Maryland, an MA in Education from the College of Notre Dame of Maryland, an MAR in  Religion from the Reformed Theological Seminary, and at the time of his service as Chairman was working on a Doctor of Ministry at the Anderson Theological Seminary.
     He was active in community organizations such as the Harford County (Maryland) Board of Elections Supervisors, the Harford County Board of Public Library trustees, the Marine Corps League, and the International Organization of Good Templars.  He had an active interest in politics, being a member of the American Political Items Collectors, the Federalist Society, and the Heritage Society.
     Rev. Seltzer never ran for public office, but before and after his term as Chairman of the Prohibition National Committee, he was an appointed Republican member of the Maryland Elections Board.  The Elections Board is non-partisan, but Board memberships are patronage jobs.   During his time as our Chairman, the Democrats controlled the Maryland statehouse, and he was replaced on the Board by a Democrat.  When  Maryland Republicans regained the statehouse and found that he was now working with the Prohibition Party and intended to run for President on the Prohibition ticket, they gave him an ultimatum:  Be with us or we will not re-appoint you to the Elections Board.