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Michael Wood

Michael Wood is a fifth generation Californian and recently retired CEO of a multinational company.  
     Although he attended San José State University, majoring in political science, he did not initially enter politics - opting instead for a career in high tech. His business career has seen him live on three continents and sit on the Board of Directors of companies in six countries, focusing on growth and job creation. 
     An active member of the Prohibition Party, since retirement he has been elected to both the Prohibition National Committee and the Executive Committee of the Prohibition Party. His objective is to work closely with other party leaders to help revitalize the party. By setting a new, more centrist course, Wood hopes to ensure the long-term success of America's oldest continuously-active third party.  
     When not working for the party, Wood volunteers 500 hours a year to help manage a large food bank, distributing donated food to upwards of 20,000 people each week. He is an avid political historian, genealogist and author; his work has appeared in more than a dozen peer-reviewed journals. Wood has been married for 22 years and has two sons.