Mary Persons

     (Michigan Statesman, May-June 1959, p.1)  -- The name most closely identified with the Prohibition Program in Michigan for the past thirty years is that of Mrs. Mary K. Persons, of Kalamazoo.
     She was always present at conventions and traveled extensively in the interest of the Petition Effort, collecting hundreds of signatures to retain a place on the ballot for the Prohibition Ticket.
     During the last several petition efforts, she has really been the chairman of the project but modestly insisted on signing as Secretary.
     Failing eyesight and lack of physical power require that she discontinue this activity, and she wishes to take this means of telling all her friends and correspondents that she is most grateful for their devoted co-operation and thanks God for their willing response to her requests for help in this great Cause.
     She still lives alone in her little house, 3708 So. Westnedge.  Her two loyal sons live near and see that she has good care.