Frank Stewart Regan
VP Candidate, 1932

(Data from Storms, p. 42)  Frank S. Regan was editor of "The Taxpayer."  He had been a Lyceum cartoonist-lecturer, illustrating his talks with crayon pictures.  He worked the Chautauqua  circuit for 22 years. 
       In Rockford, Illinois, he won a seat on the Board of Aldermen, being elected on the Prohibition ticket.  In 1898, he won election to the Illinois legislature.

Frank Regan was a lecturer and cartoonist.  He edited The Taxpayer.  A late recruit to the Prohibition Party, he had previously served in the Illinois House. 
     Regan also was elected, on the Prohibition Ticket, to the Rockford Board of Alderman.  After running as our candidate for Vice President, he ran for Illinois State Attorney General.

-- Gammon, 2007, pp. 113-114