Delmar D. Gibbons photo

Delmar D. Gibbons

     Delmar Gibbons was born in 1913.  He was a chiropractor in Kalamazoo, Michigan.   Gibbons was very active in the Prohibition Party.  He served as Co-Chairman of the National Committee from 1963 to 1967.
     Dr. Gibbons belonged to the Free Methodist Church.

Dr. Delmar D. Gibbons is the founder and director of the Gibbons Health Clinic of   Kalamazoo, Michigan.  He is 50 years of age and has practiced as a chiropractic physician for 25 years.  Highly regarded by his colleagues, Doctor Gibbons headed the X-ray and Research Committee of the Michigan Chiropractic Society for 3 years.  He has been an outstanding speaker and writer in his profession and in the field of Temperance Education, not only in Michigan but nationally.
     Dr. Gibbons is noted for his work in Christian Education, having served many years as Sunday School secretary for the Michigan Conference.  He served as lay representative on the General Sunday School Council and also was office secretary for the Sunday School Journal of the Free Methodist Church of North America.  His present position is state chairman of the Michigan Prohibition Committee and the Temperance Education Crusade editor of the Michigan Statesman.
He is a self-made man, having worked his way through high school, graduating with honors in 1931.  In 1937, he graduated from Lincoln Chiropractic College, Indianapolis, Indiana, where he received his doctorate and philosophy degrees (sic).  He has taken some college work at the Spring Arbor College, Spring Arbor, Michigan, and has earned a post-graduate degree in neuropathy from the Philadelphia College of Neuropathy.  At present, he is [an] associate staff member of the Spears Chiropractic Sanatorium and Hospital, Denver, Colorado.  He and his wife, Dorothy, have two daughters at home, two married sons, and 7 grandchildren.

-- unsigned article in the May, 1963 National Statesman