Campaign Cost

      The approximately 2000 votes received by the Amondson/Pletten official ticket cost about $1.75, each in campaign funds – a very reasonable amount in view of the vast amounts spent by the Democrats and by the Republicans. (By contrast, the 140 votes received by the Dodge/Lydick independent ticket cost upwards of $4, each.)
      The Prohibition National Committee spent $2000 on a consultant, who got us on the ballot in Louisiana and tried to get us on in Tennessee. An additional $500 was needed for the Louisiana filing fee, plus a $44 Western Union wire transfer charge.
      The Colorado filing fee was another $500, provided by a donor.
      The campaign buttons were another $135, provided by a second donor.
      It is estimated that the officers and candidates spent about $321 on postage, telephone calls, computer print-outs, meals, and other incidentals.
      One of the National Committee members loaned the Committee $2500, on which there will be an unknown (but probably small) amount of interest paid. He is to be repaid from Pennock Fund income, as available.