Don Webb Passes

Don was alternately hospitalized and in rehab for much of the spring and early summer. On July 4th, 2016 he lost the battle and succumbed to blood clots in his lungs.
      Donald Wayne Webb was born on 29 June 1944, at Lee, Florida. His parents were Samuel Tilden Webb and Lizzie Lee Lyons.
      For much of his life, Don was a funeral director in Dothan, Alabama. He later earned a BA in Criminal Justice from troy University (1987) and an MA in Continuing Education from the University of West Alabama (1997), then was an adjunct professor of Funeral Service and of American History at East Mississippi Community College.
      Don married Cynthia Joan Barnes on 21 July 1967. They had two sons, Kevin and Daniel. Also surviving are 4 grandchildren – Stanton, Russell, Katie, and Bo.
Don was Chairman of the Prohibition National Committee from 2003 until 2005. He guided the 2003 Prohibition Convention at Fairfield Glade, Tennessee which deposed long-serving chairman Earl Dodge and set our Party on its present course of renewal and growth. He was a constant advisor and motivator to the other Party leaders.
      Prior to becoming a Party Prohibitionist, Don had been active in the Florida American Party, being a presidential elector there in 1972 and a candidate for Commissioner of Agriculture in 1974.
      At the time of his death, Don was working in Florida to get the Hedges & Bayes ticket on the Florida ballot this year.
      Memorial donations may be made to the American Tinnitis Association.
      Year of death -- July 4, 2016

Tim San Soucie contributed to this article.