1912 Convention Notes

Prohibitionists are beginning to arrive for their national convention, which is to meet on the Steel Pier during the last three days of this week for the nomination of candidates for president and vice-president and the adoption of a party platform.  Today the national committee met at the Hotel Chalfonte to complete the final details of the convention arrangements.
     The convention will be called to order at 10 o'clock Wednesday morning by Charles R. Jones, chairman of the national committee.  The convention will be attended by 1484 delegates and an equal number of alternates.  Owing to the popularity of Atlantic City as a summer resort, the attendance of visitors and onlookers I expected to be larger than at any of the previous national conventions of the Prohibition party.
     With the arrival of the delegates in town the discussion has opened in regards to the probable choice for the head of the national ticket.  Those whose names are most frequently heard in connection with the presidential nomination are Francis E. Baldwin of New York, Col. Andrew J. Houston of Texas, Madison F. Larkin of Pennsylvania and Dr. Aaron S. Watkins of Ohio.  Eugene W. Chafin, who was the standard bearer four years ago, is also mentioned.  Mr. Chafin lived in Illinois at the time of his nomination in 1908, but has since removed to Arizona.
     The selection of a vice-presidential nominee will depend largely upon what section of the country the presidential choice comes from.  W.G. Calderwood of Minnesota is said to be slated for the chairmanship of the national committee to succeed Charles R. Jones of Illinois, who is retiring from the past after a service of ten years.  Mr. Calderwood is believed to be entitled to the honor in view of the fact that the Prohibition vote in Minnesota has increased ten-fold since he became head of the state committee eight years ago.

--  The Bemidji (Minnesota) Daily Pioneer, 8 July 1912, p.1