Earl F(arwell) Dodge, Prohibition Party candidate for President
in 2000, 1996, 1992, 1988, 1984

Earl F. Dodge was born in Malden, Massachusetts on 24 December 1932. He attended Malden public schools. He married Barbara Viola Regan on 20 July 1951. They have six children.

Dodge has quite literally given his life to our Party, beginning his association with it in 1952. Since 1968, he has been Executive Secretary of the Prohibition National Committee, since 1979 the Chairman, also. As Chairman, Dodge has largely selected the issues to be addressed by the Prohibition Party and has largely set Party policy toward those issues.

Earl Dodge has held office in many organizations with philosophical ties to the Prohibition Party. He has also been active in patriotic groups, in genealogical societies, and in his church. He has been listed in several regional 'Who's Who' directories and was included in the national Marquis 'Who's Who' from 1985 through 1994 on the basis of being an 'association executive'.

Dodge began seeking public office in 1954. He has run in most state and national elections since then. His Prohibition Party work lead to an interest in political memorabilia, and since 1982 he has been a self-employed dealer in campaign buttons and related ephemera.

A much more detailed biography of Earl F. Dodge is available on request; the candidate has asked that it not be posted on this website. To obtain a copy, send a SASE with 37 cents postage to the editor.

"Every man has his disciples, and it's always Judas who writes the biography."
-- Oscar Wilde, author

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