Lucius Orville Jones

Lucius Orville Jones was born in Berlin, Wisconsin on 25 November 1858.  He moved to Nebraska in 1879, and to Lincoln in 1891.  He died on 30 May 1940 and is buried in Wyuka Cemetery in Lincoln.
     He was a merchant, banker, and active Methodist layman.  He owned stores in Beatrice, Nebraska City, Omaha, and Lincoln.  He was a co-founder of the bank in Table Rock. 
     As a Methodist, at various times he was president of the Nebraska Conference of the Epworth League and chief executive of the Nebraska Epworth Assembly, and secretary of the Nebraska Wesleyan Board.  He was secretary and director of the National Board of Hospitals and Homes of the Methodist Church, he founded the American White Cross, a charity paying the hospital bills of deserving poor.
     In 1916, he was organizer of the Nebraska Dry Federation, which made prohibition part of the Nebraska constitution.  He was a member of the Methodists’ national Board of Temperance, Morals, and Prohibition.

— Data from the Nebraska State Journal, 31 May 1940, located by Adam Seaman