Henry Dearborn Cushing

H.D. Cushing was born in Salisbury, New Hampshire on 15 October 1803; he died in Washington, DC in October of 1881.
     Cushing was largely self-educated.  At age 15, he went to work on a farm, also sometimes teaching school. Later in life, he became a businessman in Boston, Massachusetts.
     He was active in the Massachusetts Temperance Alliance, several times running for office (and winning).
     In his will, Cushing stated: “I should have given more to the temperance cause but for a belief that it can best be sustained by living men and women.  So I commend that cause to my heirs, and hope they will sustain it by their example, money, influence, and votes.”

— Data located by Adam Seaman
— Cyclopedia of Temperance and Prohibition (1891), NYC, Funk & Wagnalls