F.W. Emerson photo

F.W. Emerson

Rev. F.W. Emerson was the well-respected minister of the [400 member, Campbellite] Christian Church in Topeka....  He was frequently at [Carrie Nation's] side during her smashing attacks and was put on trial with her for malicious destruction of property."  
     "Emerson was notably one of the few pastors from her native tradition with whom Nation got along.  Born in Illinois and having pastored churches in Iowa and throughout Kansas (including Holton), Emerson served as the editor of the Kansas Endeavor, director of the State Christian Endeavor Union, and was president of the Florence Crittenden Rescue Mission of the State."  He was "also an active promoter of the Men in Religion Forward Movement.  Declaring that 'attack is the best line of defense,' this movement aimed at corraling erring Anglo, middle-class men back into the Protestant pews."

-- Source:  Fran Grace Carry A. Nation, pp. 169 and 171.