Ella S. Stewart photo
 S. Stewart

Mrs. Ella Seass Stewart is a native of Moultrie County, Illinois.  …. one of her maternal grandfathers was Bushrod Henry, who established more Disciples’ churches in Illinois, probably, than any other pioneer preacher of that religious body.
     Mrs. Stewart first attended school at Arthur, Illinois.  Later she was a student in the High School at Decatur, which was not far from her girlhood home.  She was graduated from Eureka College, at Eureka, Illinois, taking both the classical and scientific courses.  Later she attended the University of Michigan and was graduated from that institution.  Scarcely had she finished her schoolwork until she began doing public work for the temperance and prohibition reform, and on behalf of woman suffrage, and she has remained a consistent advocate of both of these causes.  She and her husband, Oliver W. Stewart, were classmates at Eureka, and have been fellow laborers in the many causes and organizations in which both believe.  For many years she has been a member of the Board of Trustees of Eureka College.
     [She] has served as Vice-President of the State W.C.T.U. and President of the Illinois Equal Suffrage Association…..  She has served also as Secretary of the National Equal Suffrage Association….

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