Culla Vayhionger photo

Culla Vayhinger

“Mrs. Culla J.Vayhinger, widely known as a convincing public speaker, a successful evangelist and a writer on economic and social questions, was born in Bennington, Indiana…..
     Mrs. Vayhinger was reared in an atmosphere of piety and patriotism.   She was educated at Moore’s Hill College, and shortly after her graduation was married to Monroe Vayhinger, now President of Taylor University at Upland.  In 1914, Mrs. Vayhinger received the degree of AM pro honore from her alma mater.
     When but seventeen years of age she became interested in the work of the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union, and gave her name as a member of that organization.  From that day her devotion to the cause has been constant and unswerving and her service continuous in local, county, state and national work.
     Since 1903 she has been President of the Indiana Woman’s Christian Temperance Union, which, under her efficient leadership, has become a power for righteousness and a recognized factor in the moral development of the State.
     In public addresses her distinguished appearance, winsome personality, and her thoughtful and convincing argument make a powerful appeal.”

— Speeches of the Flying Squadron