Clinton N. Howard

“Clinton N. Howard comes from a long line of heroic Quaker ancestry, who were preachers, abolitionists, reformers and statesmen for many generations.  He is descended from John Howard, the prison reformer, and Sir John Howard, Lord Treasurer, who commanded the British army at Flodden Field when the Scots were routed and James IV slain.  His father was William Howard, Knight of Wiggenhall.
    … by thirty [he] had become widely known as an orator and reformer…..  Locating in Rochester, New York, he established a Sunday afternoon forum, where he lectured for ten years to record-breaking audiences, enrolling nearly 3000 men in the Men’s Christian Union, which, under his leadership for twelve years, became the focal point for civic and moral uplift.
     He became such a power in combatting public wrongs, and in the prosecution of lawbreakers, that the evil forces of the City united to destroy him, raising a fund of $10,000, chiefly subscribed by the liquor interests, which he exposed and defeated.”

— Speeches of the Flying Squadron