Charles Scanlon

“Charles Scanlon, of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is the General Secretary of the Board of Temperance of the Presbyterian Church.  He was born at Three Churches, Hampshire County, West Virginia, October 5, 1869, of the marriage of Michael Scanlon and Mary E. Garrett.
     From the public schools he entered Valparaiso University, at Valparaiso, Indiana, receiving the degree of BS in 1895 and the degree of AM in 1899, taking a post-graduate course in the University of Minnesota in 1901.
     Dr. Scanlon was married to Mary A. E. Walker, of Browningsville, Maryland, April 2, 1894.
     After teaching in the public schools of West Virginia, he became a teacher in the State Normal School of Virginia, remaining there four years (1890-94), and retiring to accept the pastorate of the Presbyterian Church at Wheaton, Minnesota, in 1895.  In 1899 he was transferred to Minneapolis, continuing in a pastorate there until 1903.  From 1899 to 1901 he held a chair in McAllister College, St. Paul.  Upon his retirement from the ministry in 1903 he became national lecturer for the Prohibition Party.
     In 1902 he was nominated for Governor of Minnesota on the Prohibition ticket.  In 1908 he was elected Permanent Chairman of the National Prohibition Convention.  He was a member of the twelfth International Congress against Alcoholism, which convened in London in 1909; also of the thirteenth convention of the same Congress held at The Hague in 1911, and of its fourteenth convention held at Milan, Italy, in 1913, representing the Government of the United States in each of these conferences.
     At the present writing Dr. Scanlon is Secretary of the Temperance Commission of the Federal Council of the Churches of Christ in America, Treasurer of the International Prohibition Confederation, member of the National Temperance Society, member of the National Prohibition Trust Fund and of the Scientific Temperance Federation.”

— Speeches of the Flying Squadron