Bill Bledsoe photo

William (Bill) Bledsoe

In 2015, Bledsoe was the appointed board chairman of a federal agency in  Santa Rosa County, Florida.  He was also an appointed City Commissioner in Milton.  He has run for public office, notably in California in the 1970s.  He was a campaign manager for several Congressional candidates and a Congressional liaison person ("lobbyist").  He has taught in public high school and in a private Christian school. 
     He was a postal union official and negotiated labor contracts; he edited his local's newsletter, The broadcaster.  He was for several years a member of the National Press Association.  He is active in the American Legion and in the Marine Corps League; He served 11 years in the USMC. 
     Dodge credited Bledsoe with helping defeat an 18-year-old drinking-age bill in the California legislature.