The 'French Paradox'

    It is often noted, by proponents of drinking, that the French drink heavily and that they also have relatively low rates of heart disease. The inference is that something in wine is good for the heart.

   In fact, it may have more to do with lifestyle. Wine drinkers smoke less, exercise more, eat less saturated fat and more fruits and vegetables. Even compared to teetotalers, wine drinkers have higher intakes of fish, vegetables, salads, and olive oil.

   The European country with the longest life expctancy is Sweden. Swedes drink (all forms of alcohol) less than half as much as the French do. Any possible benefits from alcohol consumption are more than offset by increased risk of cancer, liver damage, accidents, and other causes of premature death.

   For more information, see: National Good Templar, June, 1999, pp.7-8 or call the Editor, Robert Hammond, at 517-485-9900.